Friday, June 17, 2011

California Girls

Again. Forgive me for my reluctant-ness. It's just my second post for the month of June and I still got a lot of things to talk about. Sometimes, I got this too much ideas on my head but I'm to lazy to upload and type. I know it's not good for me and I'm trying my best to work things out. Anyway, I had a blast bonding time with my Prints. Zaren was here at Cabanatuan that time (If this is the first time that I mentioned her, she's my friend since high school, she's also a part of my Prints, she's now studying instrumental engineering and living at Manila. That's the reason why we seldom see each other.) so we grabbed the chance to see each other. It was raining so hard that time because a storm was about to hit the country but my friends we're unstoppable. They planned a swimming get together. Yes, a swimming on a rainy day, it sound a bit insane I know. But my friends, as crazy as they can be can be very unpredictable sometimes. They went to GreenLanes Resort very early, I just followed them after lunch. GreenLanes Resort is a private resort located at Kalikid, Cabanatuan City. it's a 20-30 minutes ride from the city, it has three swimming pools, a typical resort ambiance and I can fairly say that it's a peaceful place, away from the city's busy life and traffic. too much for the place description, back to the story. :)
When I arrived, they we're already soaking wet, not because of too much swimming but because of playing under the rain and of course, I joined them immediately. We spent the whole afternoon laughing at ourselves, chatting, playing like kids and dancing. Yes, you read it right. We danced and we even choreographed a dance step. Crazy indeed! We spent three hours practicing and recording the video. I can't help but laugh when I remember all the things we did. That was also the time when Viel announced her flight. We were sad at first, because we'll surely miss her but that didn't stop us from having one hell of a good time because we know that things like that will take along time to happen again.

Before getting soaked by the rain.
L-R: Me, Tere, Zaren and Viel
Four or more go! Right? Miss you girls, I really had a great time! 

We had (From top to bottom) Menudo, Corned Tuna and  Dinuguan for lunch. :)

This was I think taken during our so called rehearsals. lol :p

Another Photo Op during the rehearsal. The rain temporarily stopped but the fun didn't stop. :p

As I told you, the resort has the typical resort ambiance, but as I look at this photo I can't help but admire the greenery. Lol! :p

One of the three pools in the resort, they don't offer slides here, but it's fine though, I'm really not a big fan of slides. Swimming while raining is really fun too. It has this cold from the rain and hot from the pool feeling. Oh dear, I hope you get what I'm saying! :p

As I'm saying over and over. These girls are a part of my life. They define who I am and although that distance will test our friendship, I know deep within my heart that our friendship can endure any distance or test or time. 

And for the most awaited part! TTTAAADDDDAAAAHHHH!!!!
Watch at your own risk! :p

Did you rolled on the floor laughing? Don't worry, there were no people around the resort. We almost owned the place. And I think that even though some people will be present we'll still do stuff like this. We're used to it. The attention I mean. LOL.
As I said, we spent the whole afternoon doing this, I don't mind the shame on putting this on my blog, I'm really proud that I did this. Really. Lol. :p
I know that I can't do stuff like this with other people, because you can only do crazy things with your good old friends that knows almost everything about you.
I'm not also a huge fan of Katy Perry, but because of this, I love her to bits! :)
I hope I made your day! Till then!

More to come!

Love Lots,


I Will Miss You

I mentioned that I've been through a lot of Despedidas lately right? And guess what! I just went through another one! Of course I will tell you all about it, hang in there. :p
Her name is Ma. Ravielly Viatica Salonga. She's a part of my Prints, we've been friends since we we're 15 years old and our friendship was tested with time, laughter, tears and this time distance. She's also a Registered Nurse and now is the time that she needed to fulfill her profession. She needs to work abroad. Yes, abroad. Just like the thousand nurses out there. Last Tuesday, Tere (My soul sister-sweetie-ultimate-surprise-planner) planned a surprise for Viel (her nickname) just like what we did with Tine (Remember her? She went abroad last May, I know I haven't blog about it but I will. I swear. Wait for it okay? lol.) Tere even texted Vish (The ever supportive sister of Viel) so we could plan the surprise very well. Good thing Vish was a great accomplice. Lol.
Tere and I met up at around one in the afternoon since we both had our errands to do.
We went to the mall to buy the stuffs that we need. We bought a cake, balloons and party popper (which is by the way so Bongga!). Next thing to so is to act very well so Viel won't notice anything. I went first to Viel's house, (Tere was at a corner sneaking and hiding) I asked Viel if she could accompany me to the mall since I had to return a shoe that won't fit me well (I even brought a shoe to complete my alibi). She laughed at first but decided to come with me since she had to go to the mall as well. When we left that was the time when Tere sneaked inside the house and together with Vish and Tita Malou (Viel's Mom) they arranged the surprise. While Viel's with me she doesn't know that I was texting Tere the whole time and I encountered a dilemma that I thought will spill our surprise, the plan was Vish will call Viel to get back to the house because she needed to say something, but Viel doesn't wanna go back anymore. That's when I came up with a convincing excuse! ha,ha
I told Viel that Tere is in her house, waiting for us because she also wanted to go to the mall but Viel didn't put up an easy fight, she insisted that Tere should just follow us to the mall, but I didn't gave up. And thank God for my persuading powers Viel gave in and we went back into her house. And a heat warming surprise happened. We we're shouting and hugging. I was really happy because I saw that Viel was really surprised. She even said that she was shocked and she didn't thought that we would do something like that for her. Being the Best Actresses that we are she didn't had even the slightest idea. :)

This is Viel and she was genuinely surprised. I can never find another friend like her. Everyone loves her. She got tons of friends because she never fails to make anyone laugh. She's a true friend and she will stick with you till the end. I know things won't be the same without her. I will surely miss her. I will miss laughing my heart out with her. She's usually the teller behind the crazy stories, the cracker of the silliest jokes. I will never forget how many times she made me happy and I consider myself lucky having her as a friend.

My friends by heart. It makes me really sad to see Viel leaves, but it makes me proud of her too. She's very close to her family and leaving them behind is I think one of the hardest decision she had ever made. when we blew out the surprise, we we're like I said hugging, screaming and jumping, we we're like six year olds. It made us teary eyed also. :')

With my soul sister Tere, we've like planned almost three despedidas together. We are the best Despedida planners that I could think of! LOL.
I just don't wanna think of the moment that one of us will have to leave. That will surely break my heart. 

As Viel would phrase this: Sol, George and Anne! Lol.
I will definitely miss photos like this. :(

The on the spot trying hard banner that I printed few hours before the meet up.
We will definitely miss our Mareng Viel. :(

The overly confident cake. I'm sure Viel will miss us too, right? :p

The cramming few minutes arrangements that Tere did. Taken at the Salonga's living room. :)

When we we're in high school, she wanted to be a part of the Japanese Anime SailorMoon. That's how crazy she is. my life became happier  because of Viel's existence. And I want her to know that I love her and I will truly miss her, that I won't forget her no matter what. That she is a very special person, inside and out. :)
Viel's quest abroad gave a bittersweet feeling to me. Again, I know that my time will come and I will have no choice but to leave, and it really makes me sad. And thinking about the people and things that I will leave behind will make me sadder, but I don't know, I really cant' tell. At some point I wanted to leave so I could explore other things and places that my friends do now, but when realization hits me, I just still don't have the guts to leave home. I'm such a weenie. And a cry baby. Sometimes, I wanna spank myself for being such a wimp, but I can't help it. So, I'm asking for your understanding. :)

On the lighter note, Viel's flight will be tonight. Yes, indeed. And I'm hoping for the best. May God's grace be with her. Till next time hearties, I just hope my next post won't be about another Despedida! Lol. :p

For Viel, If you're reading this, I will miss you.
Say my Hi and Thanks to your sissy Vish!
Keep in touch! And don;t forget the 3K on October! We're counting on that! ha,ha

More to come hearties!
Lotsa Love!

Love Lots,