Monday, July 11, 2011

'Till We Meet Again

'Despedida. A Spanish word that means farewell or goodbye. I blogged about it for almost three to four times. And here I am again. Forgive me for I can't help it. It's my way of telling other people that they are going to be missed. And for that let me start my story. Last Sunday, Jr and I was invited to a dinner get together with his friends. I been with Jr's friends for a couple of times already, that's why I consider them as my friends too. Annie as we call her or Rachel Anne Laborera in real life, is bound to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia today. (She's probably at the airport now) and last Sunday was her, despedida. We met up at the mall around 7 O'clock in the evening since Jr and I watched the three hour third installment of the movie Transformers (Which by the way is so awesome, I can't help but mention it. And I'm trying so hard not to talk about it here either). Then we went to Hapag Vicentico's. A famous local restaurant here in Cabanatuan that offers Filipino food.( I've ate there a hundred times but this is the only chance that'll be able to blog about it since I always forget to take photos of the place. Forgive me.) Hapag Vicentico's is famous for it's Kare-Kare (Ox tail in peanut sauce) and Crispy Kare-Kare. (Meaning Crispy Pata, (Deep fried Pig's leg) and peanut sauce. Thinking of it makes my mouth water. Drool.) It has this Filipino-Antique vibe that will make you admire the Filipino culture.

This is Annie by the way. I've been with her for a couple of times. She's easy to be with. She's caring and thoughtful and I'm sure a lot of people will miss her. Including me. :(
As I said, we had supper at Hapag Vicentico's located here at Cabanatuan City.

From old to new. I admired the architecture and designs. They made a good job on infusing the old vibe and technology.
I find this panel divider very cute. You can request this upon dining. Ideal for privacy or meetings.

The famous Crispy Kare Kare that I'm talking about. It's really tender and appetizing. Meat lovers must try this. :)

We also had Lechon Kawali or Deep Fried Pork.  Oooh. I can feel our cholesterol level speeding up! lol.

Shrimp tempura, I thinks it's one of Annie's favorite food.

Gising-Gising I'm really not a cook so I can't tell you the details of this dish but I'm sure every Filipino knows what Gising Gising is. It's basically a mixture of vegetables and sea foods in oyster sauce. It's really appetizing and delicious. :p

Before and after dinner.
From top to bottom:
Group photo in front of a very elegant mirror.
Before the food is served, drooling over the mocha cake .
During dinner, Thanks so much to the waiter for taking this photo! :p

Forgive me for I can't help to post this photo. I find it really funny. Separated by a tower of iced tea.

With the gang. From left to right: Jr, Rael, Cris, Gladys and Meek with Annie.

Annie and I. Annie's the type of person that's easy to be with. She's spontaneous and out going. She loves her friends and I believe her friends loves her too. And even though we only spent few get together-s I will definitely miss her.

Taken at the receiving area at Hapag Vicentico's. This picture cannot be taken again for Annie won't be around to make it prettier. We will miss you Annie! You take care! :)
As I'm saying over and over. We will miss Annie, The way she laughs on certain jokes, the way she smiles, the way she care for others and simply her presence.
 After the sumptuous dinner. We decided to call it a day.
Although Annie will be thousand of miles away from us, we will definitely keep in touch. We got Facebook right?
So, Annie, You take care there. I was so nice to meet a person like you. Stay wonderful and let's meet again when you get back! xoxo :p

More to come Hearties!

Love lots,


I would like to thank and acknowledge this person for the photos that I used!
Thanks meek! More photos to come! Be prepared for our photo shoot! lol! :p

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