Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm blogging now because I am so elated, almost over the moon happy. I'm hyped and totally blissed out. I can't tell you how happy I am. I'm overly excited and I hope by blurting out what I feel you'll be elated as well. And it's all because of one thing. Bags. A girl can never have too many of it. I mean who doesn't want to have a dozen of it if you can afford it right? When I'm younger I owned almost 30 pieces of bags, when going to school I change my bag everyday, that proves how much of a bag addict I am. I even design and make my own bags but as I grew older my taste on bags changed as well. I'm not very particular with the brand, my priority is it's design and usage. I usually go for large, roomy bags since I bring a lot of things. To date, I own more or less 20 bags, some are designer bags, some are unbranded but remarkably beautiful.
And I want you to see some of my favorites. (Please forgive me for I won't be able to post the photos of all my bags since it'll be too much work)

My Favorite. Probably the most expensive piece I have. It's Vivienne Westwood Leopard Print in Old Rose.

My over used Long Champ Les Pliage tote bag in coral pink. I adore this because it's roomy, spacious and good for traveling.  :)

I love it's design and material, although it's heavy and not suitable for public places because it doesn't have a zipper it's still perfect and can be matched on almost any thing. Mary Quant London Black tote bag.

My girly bag! A rare XOXO pink hand bag. It's cute and preppy! ;)

Another Favorite. Given by my Jr. A very reliable and stylish black sling bag from Egg.

The sole reason why I decided to write this is because of the newest addition to my Growing-Trying hard Collection.
French Connection Fabric Quilted Chain bag. It's way way cheaper than the famous Channel Bag but it's perfect for day and evening wear. I love it's sophisticated style. And it's my baby at the moment. :)

In five or maybe ten years in time, I'm dreaming for making my collection bigger. And grander! :)
I know some of the bags are unbelievably expensive but I'm sure it'll last a lifetime. I might be dead but my bags will remain, given to my children or grandchildren perhaps. I'll never know.
Some people might raise their eyebrows, but they'll never know how much happiness a new bag can bring to a bag-o-holic girl. :)

Here's my dream: (If you're so nice and you've got a lot of spare money, you can get me one of this and I'll love you forever! Promise! lol.)

Want to break free from the common brown and beige LV classic.

Of course, I won't neglect to put Hermes on my list. I could collect all the colors! Oh Birkin! :p
As I told you, I'm a sucker for large bags because I always bring a lot of stuff! So I fell in love with this Jimmy Choo shoulder bag! Lovely!

Jimmy Choo scarlet bag is a perfect going-to-the-beach bag! !  So, it's in my wish list! :p 

The perfect party bag! Chanel quilted tote embellished chain bag. Love Coco! ♥,1,12,30

I can't name all the brands I know, and I drool of having one of everything. I wish I could hoard! lol.
I also dream of having a money tree, where the fruit it bears has money inside it. Yey!
Imma materialistic girl! lol!

Seriously, it's not really bad to drool on things that I can't afford at the moment. It actually gives me an inspiration to thrive and fulfill my dreams. I believe that materials things give superficial happiness so I love people more than bags and I think that's more important. Right?

Next! Shoes! Lol!

More to come!

Love Lots,


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