Monday, May 30, 2011


When we're not fighting, we're fooling around. We only see each other every weekend (because Jr works in Manila I'll tell you the whole thing next time) and we make it appoint to spend every minute of that two days together. I often tease him that I'm his weekend girl friend (Don't worry I'll try to write something about that too) but he usually doesn't pay attention. :)
Jr and I are kids by heart. We play games and tease each other, and I always end up pissed off. As I told you, Jr's talent is pissing me off. We love doing things together. I can't tell you all our crazy antics together since it's too many, but one thing's for sure, we always have the tendency to get crazy. :)

Now lemme show you some of the photos that we got over the year/s (LOL), and I promise to describe each of it as best as I can. Here we go.. :)

Believe it not, we love to look like idiots sometimes. :p

During our trip to Baguio last February, it was also the celebration of Panagbenga or the Flower Festival, we spent three days there. We saw the flower floats and the street dancing competition. It was our first and wish we could go there again next year. :) 

The piggy back ride. Whenever I get tired from too much walking or whether I don't feel like walking anymore, Jr never hesitates to carry me. When I say wherever, I mean wherever. Even when people starts to stare. :) 

At Barj Coffee shop with Jr's friends last December 2009. He was based at Singapore that time, he just went home for three days just to see and spend Christmas with his family and me.  

During one of the long drives. Jr doesn't adore driving, when traveling he rather sleep than drive, my friends can attest to that. :)
But he can't fall asleep when I'm the one behind the wheel. :p

Our Power Ranger watch. I told him that we can communicate  with each other using this watch and we we're like pretending the whole day that we could hear each other while whispering to the watch. I can't help but laugh when I remember how we fooled ourselves. :p

Jr adores sunnies! He got this little collection of weird and interesting pieces. I wish I could show them to you. :)

He spoiled me. Whenever he's around he makes it appoint to pick me up from work or wherever. ♥

Our Rosalinda and Jose Fernando imitation. My friends did this to us, but we liked it anyway. :)

At Stone8 Resort with my friends. :)
The good thing about us is that we became friends with each other friends. Got it? lol.

Jr got this from Singapore. When he gave it to me, I was like, really shocked.  Because you see, that time, he's not that good on showing how he really felt. But he changed and a lot of people noticed that. Some people said that I did that to him, but I really don't know what I did, I just loved him and I made him feel it. :)

During a night out with my friends. I'm really not a party girl type. I don't adore dicso clubs and the like.  I rather stay on a coffee shop and drench myself on caffeine. I don't like live bands and the smoke and the noise. I'd rather sit on a cozy couch and chit chat with friends, but sometimes, I had no choice but to blend in the crowd. And besides, I needed to experience different things, so I'm trying it with my good old friends. I once tried dancing, and it made me feel good, but I rather not do it regularly. Once in a while is enough for me. ;)

Our trip to Tarlac. I told Jr I wanted a barbecue on a sizzling plate and we almost searched all over Tarlac. (See, I told you I'm spoiled). Good thing we saw Reyes' Barbecue. :)

Our trip to Aurora, as I said on my previous blog that we travel as much as we can. Aurora is like a two hour drive from our place. Maybe that's the reason we've been there twice.

If I remembered it right, my sister took this photo during our lunch at Mang Inasal here at Cabanatuan.  I can fairly say that Jr has a good relationship with my siblings. And my Mom and Dad loves him. :)

Matched! Probably Jr's getting tired of it. I always wanted for our things to be matched. As a couple, for me, it's mandatory. He can't do anything. I'm his Boss. :p 

Our trip to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Pampanga. He taught me how to fly a kite. Jr and I had a different  childhood. He had a lot of friends growing up, you'll frequently see him on the street when he was young, He knows all the street games that you could think of. Whilst I, on the other hand, stays at home, not allowed to go out. Doesn't have childhood friends aside from my cousins, doesn't even know how to play Paway and spends the whole day at my room watching Aladdin and playing Barbie dolls with my sister. But I never regret it. And it wasn't late to learn these stuffs, good thing Jr's there teaching me. :p

Fooling around again. One of the things that Jr does the best. Lol. :p

Whilst on the queue at Enchanted Kingdom last January with my sister and friends. Thinking about the closeness that Jr developed with my loved ones really makes me happy.

Even though we've been together for almost two years now, we still discover new things about each  other. And we're loving each other in spite of the flaws. ♥

One of the sweetest thing.. An episode of our arm wrestling (one of our many so-called games) Jr and I always fool around. We're like kids, sometimes it feels that we'll never grow up. We fight over the silliest stuff. We argue a lot but we always kiss and make up. Our relationship isn't just a walk in the park.we learned to compromise. Good thing he's always willing to loose every game just for me to be happy. ♥

I don't know what the future holds and it seems like everybody's going on their own paths. I can't tell what will happen, but I'm enjoying every moment with Jr. I know that nothing's temporary and eventually everything will fade nor disappear. And believe me, God knows how much I fear for that time. Some says that love is a game and you shouldn't lay all your cards of the table because it'll make you vulnerable. I say, loving someone more that you though you could is the best feeling in the world. And knowing that that someone loves you too is better.

Maybe I'm love struck-ed or hopeless romantic, you're probably getting sick of it.
Forgive me for I can't help it. I wanted to make him feel how much I love him and this is my simple way of showing it. I wanted to tell the whole cyber-virtual world that I do.
And maybe Nicholas Sparks did this to me too. So blame him also. :p

That's for now, you'll probably seeing a lot of this later. I know sometimes it's vomit-inducing. Please bear with me. I'm in love. ♥

More to come Hearties!

Love Lots,



  1. haha you're really funny it's clear that you are made ​​for each other

  2. thank you so much nuella.. let's be friends! :) :* xoxo