Friday, April 29, 2011

Drug Overdose

I went to my doctor this afternoon, I'm seeing him once a week for almost a month now. I needed to monitor my condition (See, I told you I'm taking this seriously and seeing him weekly isn't easy on the pocket, you can't imagine how much every meeting costs.) I had a repeat Chest X-Ray (I'm sorry I can't post a photo of it because I can't get my plate.) and the result revealed a significant change. The supposedly marks are beginning to disappear now. I was elated. At last! Weeks of having Gastro-Intestinal upset paid off and also my meds doesn't tastes that good, some kinda acid-metal-stays-in-your-mouth kind of taste. Argh! But still I need to continue taking medication so that I will continue to have a good prognosis. He also replaced my Anti-Biotic into a much, much, way higher dose so I need to endure more GI (Gastro-Intestinal) upsets. :( But if It'll make me better, why not? Right? :)

A drastic change came into me, because I need to maintain a drug to control my asthma attack. And I need loads and loads of vaccine to prevent certain exacerbations. Let me tell you, getting sick isn't cheap! :(
You wanna see the Meds I'm taking? Let me share them with you. :p

Two puff per day. One in the morning and one before going to sleep. I also need to gargle afterwards, because it's in powder form and some powder stays on my mouth. It can cause fungal infection if I won't observe proper hygiene. Well, proper hygiene doesn't bother me. I'm an OC. :p My sister and boyfriend said that my inhaler looks like the thing that gives "Captain Barbell" his powers. :p

My previous Anti-Biotic. Responsible for the unbearable GI upset that I experienced to be taken twice a day with meals. Argh!

This one is tricky. It's an effervescent tablet, in other words, I have to dissolve this on a glass of water so I'll be able to drink it. Which reminds me of an Aspilet tablet dissolved on a spoon that my Mum makes me drink when I get sick since when I was super young I can't swallow a tablet. (I'll ask her later why she didn't try buying the syrup form instead. :p). This drug is for excretion of the icky yuck stuff called phlegm. I also don't like the taste of it, to be taken also twice a day with meals also. :p

Medixon is an Anti-Inflammatory Drug. It has Steriods actually and it also has not so good effects on human body when it's used on a long period of time. I'm praying so hard that I'm not taking so many so I won't develop any bad effects in the future. But my doctor guaranteed that's it's okay. That made me relaxed a little. :p Also twice a day after meals because the taste really stays in your mouth and the after taste in the worse! Argh Again!

So there you go. Those were the drugs that I'm taking to keep me alive for more than 55 years old. lol.
As I told you. Strict Regimen. Isn't it obvious that I'm not a medicine lover? I don't fancy any of them and I hope and pray that I'll be able to stop taking each and every one of it without me feeling unwell. Good thing I'm surrounded by loving people and they always remind me to take my meds. And I feel that I'm being taking cared of. I'm happy that my prognosis is good and I'm on way to feeling totally well. I thank God for being to nice to me. I will always be grateful no matter what He decides for me. No need to worry anymore. Happy Heart! :)

Love Lots,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cardigan Addiction

Okay, before you react there is a valid reason behind this hoarding (likely).
I easily get cold. I hate feeling cold and I'm not really a huge fan of cold weather. I'm skinny and I don't have spare adipose tissues (or insulators). :p That is basically the main reason. For Comfort. Second reason is, I usually match my clothes, you won't see me with a mismatch clothes. It became my ritual actually. :p
I will also won't get out of my house without a cardigan on my bag. I feel incomplete without them. You could even ask my boyfriend. lol. One time I left my cardigan at home and I got sick! ha,ha
I know, living in a tropical country my Cardigan Addiction is not quite practical but I can't help it. Even an Air Conditioned room is enough to send shivers on me. I'm also a huge fan of colored socks, but I won't post a photo of my socks here. It'll take a little exaggeration. :p
Sometimes I wonder if I'll be going to places where it's literally freezing outside. I don't know, I don't wanna think about it now. I'll just prepare myself when that time comes, but for now, I'll enjoy the pleasures given by my Cardigans. :p

As of this moment, I own 24 pieces of Cardigans.

One of my favorite. I just made this actually. It's originally a sweater. I love it's design and color.

Another favorite. Given by my Dear Boyfriend (I'll tell you more about him next time.) I super love this because I can pair it with almost everything. ♥

24 and counting. I will love to hoard more. I also make my own cardigan, out of old sweaters, I cut it the middle, sew each sides, put cute buttons and viola! You wouldn't even know that I made it.
And I really believe that a girl should own more than one cardigan. For comfort and fashion sake. :p

More to come!

Love Lots,


The Arsty Me

Did I ever tell you I'm creative? lol
I don't wanna put myself on the pedestal but a lot of people, including my Ever Supportive Mom, Ever Loving Dad and Ever Dearest Boyfriend keeps on telling me that so it's kinda sinking in. :p
Last week was Holy week so in practically three days I just stayed home and bonded with my family.
Although I was happy, being with them and the things we did together (That's a different story and I promise to tell it next time.) I must admit that there was too much time on my hands and it bored me. Really.
It came to me. What do I do when I'm bored and my eyes almost sore because of too much reading? I Alter.
I got this jeans that's resting on my closet for the longest time. I don't wear jeans that much anymore. I cropped it, sew it made it into a pair of shorts. What I did with the rest? Here have a look.

The remains of the jeans that I mercilessly cropped! :p

Stitches here and there.

Recycled ribbon.

Naruto inspired. Black and Orange (Or I should say Halloween inspired?) :p

Swirls and Twirls.

And after a day and a hundred needle pricks! Tadah!!! My very own mini loot bag!

I wonder what to do with it. Since I'm starting a new one. This time it's pink and black (EMO inspired? lol.). Before, I used to make things like this, so I can give it to friends as a present on special occasions since I always wanted to make a personal touch on my gifts. My boyfriend suggested that I should sell this and his even willing to sell it for me (through Facebook-On-Line Selling Thingy) but I haven't made up my mind yet I don't know if i can do it and I'm not sure if I can keep up with it. Since I'm doing everything by hand and I tell you it isn't easy to sew denims. :p
But if I can afford to buy a sewing machine maybe I can do it since I do designs also. I'll still think about it.
More arts and crafts to come, I guess. But for now it's safe to say that this is one of my hobbies and I had a lot of fun doing stuffs like this.Do you like this? Maybe I can send this to you..? :p

Love Lots,

Karen Heartilly

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heartilly Wannabe

You're probably wondering why "Karen Heartilly". Okay, here's a little story. Aside from the fact that I fancy hearts/heart designs so much ♥ (I find it really cute) I got the name from an RPG game that I loved so much. Way back in my high school days I am so addicted to the Play Station game Final Fantasy VIII and the lead character, yes you guessed it right was named Rinoa Heartilly. I fancy her so much and I wanted to look like her. I find her so pretty (although she's just an Anime). And aside from the Action-packed story there is also a love story in the game, which made me more addicted to it. Her love interest is, Squall Leonhart. He's super cute. And I admired he's my-knight-is-shinning-armor, bravado, quite, i-will-die-for-you character. After years and years, I never outgrew the addiction. Until it practically became a part of me. My friends even used to call me squall or heartilly.
So there you go.. if you find it interesting and for further explanation try clicking this link.

This is Rinoa Heartilly. I know four people who told me I kinda look like her. :p

After sticking up with the name and reading a lot of things about her I almost felt like I know her. I even know her blood type and birthday. (am I creeping you out? Weird isn't it?). I'm a true blooded fan. Although I don't play RPG anymore or any Play Station stuffs her love story stayed in me.

Whenever you'll see heart designs or the name heartilly, think of me.Because I live through the name. I always say things-heartfelt. I love with all my heart and I'm happy as I can be. Heartily.


Love Lots,

Karen Heartilly

Friday, April 8, 2011

Deadline. 55?

I got  cough for almost two weeks. I tried every cough remedy that I could think of. I wasn't bothered at first since its normal for me to have occasional coughs since I am diagnosed with Asthma. (It's hereditary so I only got my genes to blame.) When I felt tightness on my chest and after so much deliberation I decided to consult my doctor.

My diagnosis? Bronchiectasis (Onset). (just click this link for further information ). In other words, it's a condition where in there is an over production of phlegm in the lungs. (Please excuse me, I hope you're not eating or something and reading this won't gross you out.. :p)
This is easy to cure actually, but the problem is, I got Asthma (Remember?) that is responsible for constricting my airways stocking the phlegm inside my lungs depriving it's way to come out. If not treated it will destroy my lungs. And what will happen if a person has a destroyed lung? Yes. He will not be able to breathe properly.

I read articles about it and it revealed that the life expectancy of a person with this disease is approximately until 55 years old. I'm 23, so I still got, 32?
I am on a strict medication regimen right now. I'm having high hopes since I discovered the disease before it even started, but it still makes me nervous. I just keep on mind that a lot of people is praying for me. I got a very competent doctor. I have faith and I believe I'll do better. I will be better. I just have to take good care of myself now. :)

You know, I'm taking this seriously but this won't stop me from having a life. I'm 23 and I'm young. I'm in love and a lot of people loves me too. Although I got limitations on my physical activities (since i get easily exhausted) I will enjoy my life. Every bit of it. This is not a death wish or something, but I wanted to write this for other people to ponder, that life really is full of surprises. One moment, you're okay, having a lot of fun with you're friends and family and then with the blink of an eye, you won't be able to see them anymore.
I just don't want to live my life with regret.
I will live my life to the fullest.
No Hold backs. All Out.
For now on, as I said I'm on medication and I will update you so don't cha worry. :p

Love lots,


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sticking to the Title

Okay. See how reluctant I am? After a month on creating this. This is only my second post.
There are of lot of things that's happening on my life and I can't tell you everything even though I wanted to.
I can say that I am a good story teller. I make it a point to put every details on my story But sometimes, my brain shuts off and I sometimes can't find the right words but let me start by telling you something about myself. Facts and pieces for you to decide whether you'll waste you're time on reading my blog or not.
So, tag along.. :p
I love books. I am a bookworm. I own 60+ (and counting) books.
I can spend the whole day reading, that is why I got diagnosed with Inverted Astigmatism  last December2009.
and I'm on the process of correcting them. so I have to wear specs. I got 50(right)-75(left) vision.
I don't wear contact lenses, since I'm to reluctant (even to it). I might get blind i'm not careful. I don't wear my glasses that much so the correcting took longer than expected. I'm stubborn and my Optician gets mad at me sometimes.  :)
I only wear them (my glasses) if my eyes ached so much or my vision becomes distorted, aside from that you wouldn't see me with my glasses on.. :p 

I look like this with my specs on. See why i don't fancy wearing them? :p

I am also an "ATE" (older sister) to a fraternal twin (a boy and a girl) whose three years younger than I am. I belong to a happy and well loved family. My mom and Dad makes it appoint that we eat dinner together (as much as possible). My Dad is cool and protective to the girls (which is normal if you'll ask me). My Mom is like a friend to me. I can't tell you how close my family is. I love my Family so much and I'm willing to do everything for them.

With The Twin. People sometimes wonder who the real twin is. they formulate different combinations. Me+Dear Sister. Me+Dear Brother. But some of them got it right. You decide. :p

With the people I love the most! Can't say anything more.

At my age I earned a ton of friends, some are not-so-true but definitely some are so-so true. lol.
I got friends from almost everywhere that I've been through (Since I'm not the snobbish type). I learned which friends are for keeps. I call them my Footprints. Based from the anonymous poem Footprints in the Sand. We were friends since the earth began and until now I'm still with them, sharing my life with unbelievable people. For while they are here. On Earth. Existing. I will never be alone.

We've been together since High school and we're still here. Loving and being there for each other. Amen! :p 

Just to show how wacky we are. Most of us are professionals now but we will definitely remain kids by heart.

But wait. I also got friends from my University in College. and even though we don't see each other that much I still love and miss them with all my heart. I've shared four years of tears, laughters, heartaches and joy with them. And I will never forget them. Even if we're worlds apart.

I miss them and I will always ♥ them.

I'm 23 and I'm engaged to be engaged. :p
What am I talking about? I'm currently happy on a relationship with my boyfriend for almost two years now.
I am happy and contented of having him in my life. I do not need yo explain further since you'll be hearing more about him in this blog. So frequent you might get sick and tired of him. :p

This is us, when we started going out. Almost two years ago.

This is us, NOW. Passed the infatuation stage and so much in-love. ♥
I guess, that's it for now. I will try to blog as soon as I can.
I hope you didn't find your time wasted on reading this.
Let's be friends and let's get close.. :p

More to come!

Love lots,