Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Old Spaghetti House

As I told you, I've been staying at the jungle for almost a month now. And I am beginning to chance my weekend-girlfriend status since the love of my existence and I is able to see each other almost everyday. I'm still on the blind side, still trying to be accustomed to things that I'm not really familiar with. I get tired everyday. I miss my long hours of sleep. I miss shopping for cheap things. I miss my Mum's dishes. I miss Isha ( I bet you don't don't who Isha is. But I promise to tell you about her when my elements return). I miss my Dad's nagging. I miss my room and my super comfy bed. I miss everything about home. But I'm also beginning to love everything around me now. The chance to see my boyfriend whenever I want to. The new things I'm learning and new friends I'm gaining. Plus, I had a ton of places to choose from when my tummy growls because of hunger. As being the unadventurous me, good thing dear boyfriend's there to drag me anywhere so we could try new things.
And one of our dine out is at The Old Spaghetti House.

The Old spaghetti House is a pizza and pasta restaurant. It has a lot of branches in the Philippines and we ate at the  Walter Mart branch at Chino Roces near Jr's office.
For more info about the wonderful resto. Click here.
For the rest of the menu, click here.

The theme was cute and amazing. I remembered my Great Grandma's house when I saw the chairs. She had  a dinning set very similar to it. Plus, the place has these old antique vibe also. With matching wood fading walls. I find it really nice and attractive. :)

Jr had American Baked Spareribs. With matching Java rice and nachos. It was good. Jr was able to finish everything. The spare rib has this sweet tangy taste. It was okay for me. My rate? Three stars. :)

Whilst I had US Beef Bistro Steak with Parmesan Spaghetti. I was first doubtful with the Parmesan spaghetti and I even asked if I could change my pasta, but it wasn't allowed so I decided to give it a try. The pasta was good but the steak gave me disappointment. I told the waiter that I wanted my steak well done but when it was handed over. It was over cooked! Imagine what an over cooked beef tastes like. Enough words. My rate? Two stars. :p

The Golden Oreos cheered me up.  It's a battered oreos fried till golden brown. It also has chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. It really made my heart melt. Lovely! Ratings? Five stars! Generous! lol.

The idiots. We look dumb I know. We can't help but look foolish. We were so hungry! :)
Funny we didn't order the classic spaghetti since we're in a Spaghetti House. Right? :p

Eating made me happy. It was fun trying out new things. I wish I could let you into more of our dinning experience. I will try to blog as much as I can. I'm being lazy for the past couple of weeks. And I noticed I'm blabbering too much too. Again, I will try to blog with sense next time. Till then...

Love lots,


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