Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'll Call You When I'm Sober

I've been gone for a while. I can't tell you what I've been up to for I want to keep it as a secret for now, but I promise I'll tell you all about it when the coast is clear. lol. :p
I've also been away from the virtual and cyber world. My Facebook friends and Twitter followers can attest to that. I'm also away from home. Almost three weeks now. I've been staying at my Uncle's house for the mean time. And that's all I can tell you. I should keep my mouth shut now. It's not that I don't want to tell you but things are not clear and I don't want to pre-empt things. :)

I promise, that I will tell you everything about what's going on, but for the meantime I want to tell you how hard it is for me to be away from home. I know I'm a little exaggerating but this is the first time, in my 23 years of existing that I will be away from my nest. I find it hard honestly, but I'm not complaining. I really am not. It's just that, I find it not easy to be comfortable. I have to watch out for everything that I do. I know I haven't told you how I dread changes and that I'm naturally a stubborn person but I'm working my way out. As for living with my relatives, it's not easy also. It's not that they're not nice or anything (They are one of the nicest people that I can think of) but you know, you have to really on your best behavior since you don't want them to say anything bad about you right. I can fairly say that I'm doing well on the "Pakisama" factor. 
I miss my Mum and Dad, so much. I can't help but be a cry baby sometimes when I think about them. I know I'm 23 and I should be a grown up and I should stop being melodramatic but I can't help it sometimes. You know what keeps me going?? Jr. Yes, the love of my existence. He keeps me sane. I hate changes. Being the stubborn me I find it so hard to adjust on life's major changes. There comes a point when I just can't take things on my own. And he was there, being my shock absorb-er. I just don't know what to do without him. This is me being the Parasite. lol. :p

Oh well, I think that's enough for my blabber. If you're wondering where to reach me, you can send me an E-mail at this address karen04_heartilly@yahoo.com or send me a message at this site. I'll be gone again for a while and I'm not sure when I'll be back but don't you worry about me. :)

And oh, by the way. I got a LookBook account and here's my latest look! :)

I'm wearing a vintage style dress from TRF. It has this cute flower prints, a nice collar and a wavy semi pleated effect.  I paired it with a midnight blue quilted chain bag from French Connection and a three inch Zara silver heels with ribbon detail. And to complete the look I popped in my assorted bangles that I got from H&M.

This photo is taken my a good friend of mine who's a photo enthusiast. He loves taking pictures of anyone or anything. He says that he wants the world to be his studio. Check him out, click this link Michael Mercaado

As for my photo. Click this link. Hype me and show me some love! :)

That's all for now. I promise my next post will be with sense. lol :p


Love lots,


I just thought that I will try to describe my LookBook outfit and try to write something about it here on my blog. Just like everybody does. What do you think? Great idea? Let me know what you think! :)

I'll be turning twenty four in five days! Can you believe it?? :p
Send me Presents!!!! :p

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Name is Memory

My current mood is blasted. I got a lot of things going on my mind. Doubts and pre-chills of betrayal are raging over me so I needed to write something to keep my moods on the loop. These are the moments when I badly needed someone to hug me while I cry but unfortunately no one's available so I'm here facing my keyboard and fighting the urge to break down. :(

Photo courtesy of  Google.com
Author: Ann Brashares
Release Date: June 01, 2010
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Audio Books

I've read the book a few weeks ago and I can't help but to tell you all about it. It was recommended by a friend whom I miss so much. The book is about TRUE LOVE. On my first pages, I thought it was like Bella-Edward-Twilight-Love-Affair but I was wrong because the story was more complicated and a lot more thrilling. It's about re-incarnations and how a person can manage to remember all his past life. Imagine how complicated it is. Daniel and Lucy shared a love so endearing that they searched the world through time to be together. The problem is, only Daniel can remember and Lucy doesn't know that the love of her life was looking for her. There was a lot of moment when they finally saw each other but every time Daniel attempts to tell Lucy everything about their past something miserable happens. I felt frustration and helplessness while reading the novel, although I know in my heart these things are impossible I still can't help but be affected by the story. It really changed my views. The book has a different attack to the readers, it has flashbacks and history settings. (If you've read The Time Traveler's Wife, you know what I'm talking about) That's why it has a different appeal to me, at any moment the author can really take you back on time. I don't want to go into details about the book since I want to feed your curiosity and I want you to read it yourself.

Upon hitting the stores, it gained a lot of fans in just three weeks. Here's a trailer made by a fan. Enjoy!
Video Courtesy of Youtube.com

This will be my Book of the year! :)
I know and I've read that this book will turn out to be on the big screen. I also heard that it's a trilogy so don't forget to watch out for the next. So, Next time you hit the bookstore grab this book and fell in love like I did. ♥

Want to know more about the author Ann Brashares? Click here.

I'm feeling better now.

See you in a few! More to come!

Love lots,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Piece of Heaven on Earth Part Four

Day three as usual started early. We had to get going because our flight was scheduled at one in the afternoon so we needed to wrap up our day tour for just four hours which by the way is only the allotted time for our rented van. We rented a van for ourselves since our flight details doesn't fit an ordinary city tour, we paid extra, of course. We were picked up by the van around seven in the morning, I was not hyped that time since I'm clearly not a morning person but Jr was the opposite, he was all smiles and full of energy. We had the same driver, Kuya Lito who also served as the tour guide.

First stop. The Baywalk.

The baywalk is I think very similar to the popular Baywalk in Manila Bay. Kuya Lito once said that it was a squatters area before but the government did a lot of rehabilitations and they relocated the squatters to a much nicer place where the houses where 20 years to pay. And the residents was also assigned to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the area. I admired Puerto Princesa's government for that.  

Warning! You'll be seeing a lot of photos of me, since Jr had a great time taking snap shots of me and the place.  I found the Baywalk peaceful. When we got there, the weather was gloomy and Mr. Sun didn't do his job that time, but that was okay. I enjoyed the view anyway. :)

More picture of me on the way. lol
Pawalan has a very large fishing industry that's why they're taking good care of the sea. They're very particular with their garbage and you could really tell how clean the city was.

There's really nothing much to do on the Baywalk aside from taking pictures, but maybe if Jr and I got plenty of spare time we could just stay there and watch everything. I could even picture myself reading a good book there or even ride a bike or just sit on a bench and watch the sunset, that would be really romantic. Ayay! :p
After a few pictures taken from at the Baywalk we headed to Plaza Cuartel which is a few minutes drive from the bay. 

(Click the photo for a larger view)
Plaza Cuartel doesn't have an entrance fee. You just have to be polite at the people guarding the place. The place was well kept. Grounds are swept and grasses were trimmed. I again noticed how clean it is. Staying at the plaza will give you that "close to the nature" feeling, it has a lot of trees, a fountain and this bronze marker that according to it contains the eleven names of prisoners of war who managed to survived the massacre that happened to the said place. Upon reading what the marker said the hair on the back of my neck just raised. I can't believe people died and a war happened to the place.

(Click the photo for a larger view)
Just across the plaza was the Immaculate Conception Cathedral , the city's largest catholic church.  When I went inside  to say a little prayer I can't help but admire it's architecture.

Next stop. Palawan Museum.

Palawan Museum is very much typical like other museum that I've been too. It's a few minutes drive from the city proper. Just right in front of the city's covered court. I wish my province could have a museum too.

(Click photo for a larger view)
The museum reflects the place's rich culture. I saw a lot of interesting stuffs for a very affordable admission fee of 20php.

I saw this and it caught my attention. I'm not sure if this is Alibata  (Filipino's Native Alphabet) or  Cuyuno (Palawan's Native Dialect). I really can't tell. :p

After traveling back in time we're set to the next destination.
It's a 20-30 minutes drive from the city, located at the heart of Baranggay Sta. Monica lays a sanctuary of  cold blooded creatures.

Next. Crocodile Farm.

A candid photo of Jr and I at the Crocodile Farm. The farm is well taken cared of by the government and some volunteers.  It is under the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Upon entering we paid 40php each for admission fees.    

This overwhelming skeleton and skin belongs to the largest crocodile that was captured some time in the 90's. It's about 5 meters or 16 feet in length starting from the nose up to the tip of the tail. When it was captured it was discovered to have an eaten half body of a human inside (Yikes!) but it later died due to stress, according to the tour guide. 

The baby crocs, placed inside fiber glass tanks. They are keep here until they're fully grown. Some of them are juvenile, some of them has defects and most of them are very much alive and always ready to bite. :)
If you find these baby crocs fascinating, click here for more information.

I'm really not scared on how the way they look. But as I think of the things that they could mercilessly do to human being, that's when I get pre-chills of fear. There's this news about a crocodile named Pilo he was captured in one of the Baranggays in Puerto Princesa, he was hunted down because he ate a nine year old girl in the river. Although I didn't caught a glimpse of him because he died few months ago, it still give me the creeps when I think about the story. 

After about 10-15minutes of tour on the crocodile sanctuary, guests are allowed to wander in the mini forest/zoo/nature park. Although some of the trails are quite confusing, you'll still end up on one exit. :)

(Click the photo for a larger view)
We saw a lot of birds and animal, mostly wild. I was tired and my shoes were full of mud. But I liked everything I saw.
I just wish there'll be more animals next time. :)

After the nature park tour, we were allowed to hold a baby crocodile. The photo op cost 30php . As I touched them, they were really cold and their skin was really hard and rough. I haven't touched anything like it before. I was scared at first but I conquered my small fear.  :)

Jr was not scared even a bit. I didn't know if his just showing a bravado or something.  Maybe the taped mouth of the baby cros gave him the assurance. lol :p

There were also souvenir shops and restaurants at the area, although we've so much wanted to try the crocodile meat we didn't have spare time. We just stopped to grab and buy keepsakes for our loved ones. We were running out of time so we immediately went to the next stop.

Mitra Ranch.

(Click the photo for a larger view)
Mitra Ranch was located at the same baranggay.
Mitra Ranch was a private hacienda actually, it was first owned by former senator Ramon Mitra and  is now owned by Baham Mitra whose the 2nd district congressman of the city.
The place was open to the public but the house maintained it's privacy. Our tour guide said that government officials usually conduct meetings at the said place.
The huge house has a wonderful view, overlooking is the amazing Honda Bay.
There's also a zip-line that's readily available for the tourists, as I said Jr and I are running for time so we weren't able to try it. At least we still got something to look forward to and that's another reason for us to go back.
Here's some blog about Mitra Ranch since they don't have an official website.

There were lots of benches that you can sit on, the place was relaxing. It has fresh air and an amazing view.
I also loved the flowers. lol :p

Few blocks from Mitra Ranch was Baker's Hill. This one's my favorite actually. Although I haven't been there before I've heard a lot of good things about the place and indeed it was awesome.

Baker's Hill.

Upon entrance you'll be captivated by the place, it's like the things that you see on fairy tales.
They have these statues and figures that can really caught anyone's attention.

I want something like this in the future.
I got intrigued by this house inside Baker's Hill, maybe it's the owner's house or something. I didn't got the chance to ask   because, as I said we're running out of time.

(Click photo for a larger view)
Jr and I had a wonderful time taking photos of everything that we saw. I really loved the place and I really wanted to stay longer. But we can always go back right?

Aside from selling breads and pastries, there's also a restaurant that offers fine dinning. Again, I was dying to try the food but Kuya Lito was rushing us. :(

I super love this photo. I was so happy when I saw it that's why I can't resist putting it here so forgive me.
Taken at Baker's Hill on the way out.

The famous Hopia. I can't give the exact translation of Hopia in english so better yet click here.
It has three flavors, Hopiang Monggo, Ube and Baboy. Jr and I bought all flavors and they were all so good. Nothing like I've ever tasted. I want one right this very minute. :p

After exploring the place we went to...

The Butterfly Garden.

(Click the photo for a larger view)
Butterfly Garden serves as a shelter for butterflies and different insects. For a 50php entrance fee you'll got a chance to explore the garden by your own. I have a soft spot for butterflies since I find them very pretty. I almost ran all over the place because I was chasing them. I felt a kid again. Jr was busy taking snap shots of the place but when he hand me over the camera, I saw him chasing the butterflies too. :)

Can't help grinning. I was able to catch a few of them. Yes, I caught them. Touching them and seeing them fly from me is priceless. :)

(Click photo for a larger view)
There were also other insects and animals that can be found inside the garden. 

The scorpions.
We were allowed to touch it. Only with assistance of course, they don't normally sting, unless they feel threatened. So we're really careful on touching them.

After getting close to nature. We hurried back to our van for our last top.

Last stop. Binuatan Creations.

As being the final stop I was not disappointed. Located at Pajara, Sta. Monica a few minutes ride from the city Binuatan Creations is the home of the world class quality woven bags, mats, saucers, table runners, slippers, window curtains, blinds and etc. They use indigenous materials such as grasses and buri.  It was nice seeing the workers weaving intricate designs patiently, one of them was kind enough to teach me how to do the traditional weaving. It was hard, and it will really take a lot of patience and inspiration to finish a product and for that, kudos to the people at Binuatan Creations! Thumbs up to you guys! :)

Here's some other blogs about Binuatan Creations.

After our memorable city tour we were dropped off to the airport by Kuya Lito. We just waited for  few minutes before boarding. Jr and I were so tired, we also got a lot of things on hand, most of them are keepsakes. But I was really happy and content. Although we haven't explored the whole city and we weren't able to try everything, I was still contented.We just hope and pray that we'll be able to go back to the city and gain precious memories again. I can't tell you how happy I was, but my photos are enough to show how I feel right? So let's see each other again. On my next trip I think. It'll be this October. I won't get into details because I wan't you to keep on guessing. I'll give one clue though. It's in Asia. lol. :p

I hope you did have a good time too. :)

See yah!

Love lots, KarenHeartilly


My favorite shot of the day. Taken at Baker's Hill. And take note, we got this with just one try. :)
Another P.S.

Please don't forget to support the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It really deserves a place of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. To vote on line, click here. And to vote via mobile click here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Piece of Heaven on Earth Part Three

After re-charging our energies, we're off to another adventure. But we can't do that if we're hungry. So again I asked our receptionist Ate Zahara, where's the best place to eat. She again suggested a lot of place. I was torn between Ka Lui Restaurant and Badjao Seafront Reastaurant. Ka Lui was a few blocks from where we stay while Badjao Restaurant was like kilometers away from us. I had a hard time thinking since I really had to choose between the two because that will be our last supper in Puerto Princesa since we're headed back home the following day. So I was heart broken because I really find it hard to choose. I read about the two restaurants and I also saw the reviews and both of them are a must see place and they both offer good food but I ended up choosing Badjao Seafront Restaurant because first, we needed to ride a tricycle (I was dreaming to ride the tricycle the moment I saw it.) to be able to get there since Ka lui is a few blocks from us I'm sure Jr will insist that we should just walk. And second it was slightly raining so walking is not ideal. After approximately five minutes, I made up my mind. We'll be having supper at Badjao Seafront Restaurant. lol.

The tricycle. Reminds me of the famous Tuk-Tuk in Thailand. The trike ride just costs  8php per person. Puerto Princesa's tricycles only got two colors Blue, which are coded every Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. White which are not allowed to go out during Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They had this very strict color coding schemes to avoid crowded streets. I admire their government for formulating and implementing this kind of policy. I wish something like this can be done to my city.

 Choosing Badjao Seafront Restaurant didn't disappoint me. Upon entering you have to walk through this long covered, steady and safe bridge (Not hanging). And you could really feel the ecosystem vibe. I saw a hundred mangroves in the area. I also saw a lot of different trees and it was really beautiful. It was captivating! :)

 I've been told that reservations are suggested before showing up on a restaurant like this since a lot of people come to this place but we were lucky we were seated on a nice spot even though we haven't got any reservations.
And this is the view while we're eating. Amazing, isn't it? :) 

(Click the photo for a larger view)
Inside the resto, it's open air so you could really feel the fresh air circulating. It has this colorful lamps and lights and  banners with cute designs and textures. I loved everything on it. Including the huge fruit boat shaped basket on the right bottom corner.

The Menu. I din't had a hard time choosing what to eat since I already know what I want. CRABS! :)
They offer a lot of sea foods, all shapes and sizes.  They guarantee it's freshly caught and cooked.

We had (Top to bottom): Clam soup with garlic, which Jr loved
Steamed crab with garlic which I loved! :)
and Sizzling squid which Jr and I loved! :)
Love, love, love. lol

The crabs weighed 200 grams, we just ordered a piece since it was unbelievably expensive. But we got our money's worth. It was so good. Jr and I finished everything including it's Sipit (pincer/crab tongs/claws whatever.) :p 

Says, Thank You in English. I was full and Happy. I was also glad that choosing Badjao didn't turned out to be a disappointment. I wish I could go back and I'll give Ka Lui a chance. :)

After the sumptuous dinner we headed back to our home base again. Freshen up. And we found ourselves on the street. It wasn't raining anymore so we took the liberty to explore the rest of the city proper by means of walking and we came across this coffee shop. I know I've told you how I love caffeine and coffee and the works so I wouldn't let that chance get by.

Itoy's Coffee Haus is like Palawan's version of  Starbucks. Yes, they got their own.

Inside Itoy's. Cozy and Comfy. They offer coffee of course, coffee based drinks, pasta, cakes and pastries and other  concoctions. The place was nice and relaxing. 

Jr had, Charlie Brown which is White Frappe, it's not coffee based since Jr doesn't like coffee as much as I do. Whilst I had the classic Mocha Frappe. :)
We also had Chocolate Moist Cake, which is not that moist and it also had caramel in the middle that I didn't like. Jr thought it was okay but I was looking for the REAL Chocolate moist cake without the caramel of course.
But the drink made a statement. Jr liked his and I fell in love with mine. I also fell in love with the whipped cream and I just found myself kissing it. lol.

I was indeed happy. I was caffeinated and I got a lot of memories inside my brain and my heart felt like it would just burst with too much delight (Okay, now, I'm exaggerating. :p)
I clearly had a great time, we walked back to the hotel hand in hand. It was really fulfilling. What a way to wrap day two. I guess I'll see you on day three? :)

More to come!

Lotsa love,


Monday, August 1, 2011

A Piece of Heaven on Earth Part Two

If you're following me on Twitter you probably know why it took so long for this follow up post. And if you're not following me, well I think this is the perfect time for you to do so. I was devastated when my post was deleted for the reason that I can't figure out until now. So, I summoned all my strength to come up with a new one. I know this won't be exactly like what I did but I will try my best to at least make it better.

And here I go. Again.

The second day started early. Jr was up around five in the morning and it took all his strength to wake me up. He succeeded on waking me up at past six in the morning. I fixed myself as quickly as possible because the van that will pick us up from the hotel will arrive at 7:00AM. You're probably wondering where are we going? We'll get to that later, you just have to read my blabber first. :)
The van contained 10 people, excluding the driver and our tour guide. (So that makes it 12, I just wanted to make sure your reading. lol) When we were seated comfortably the journey began. We needed to go to Barangay Sabang which is a one and a half hours travel from the city proper. Together with Kuya Lito (Driver), Ate Roms(Tour guide), an old couple, a young couple and a family of four we enjoyed the view and trivial stuffs that our tour guide fed us. As for the road, the travel was an uphill climb, very similar to the roads of Baguio City, full of sharp curves, wavy and sometimes rough roads. Half way through the travel we stopped at Buenavista View Deck.

The Buenavista View Deck is a stop over on the way to Sabang. It has restrooms, variety stores, souvenir shops and an amazing view.
The view from the top. It's one of the moments when you can't help but stare. I stayed there for a couple of minutes because views like this make my heart stops. ♥

On top of the deck. Good thing my slight acrophobia didn't came out.  We fooled around and manage to take a snap of it. 

The mandatory photo opt. As much as possible Jr and I tried to have a picture like this on every places that we go to.  Yes, I know, vomit-inducing. :p

This is St. Paul's Mountain, underneath is where we're going. (I won't reveal it now. Keep guessing.)

After almost two hours travel by land we arrived at Sabang port. Where in the last travel by boat will begin. At the receiving area, our tour guide asked for our ID's since it's necessary for safety purposes. We didn't do anything for our tour guide arranged everything for us, it was part of the tour package so forgive me if I weren't be able to tell you how much the trip costs. The port was a typical looking port. It also has stores, souvenirs shops and restrooms. The place was organized aside from the vendors I guess.

The respective ID's, these were requested upon check in to the port, for registration and verification purposes. 

At Sabang Port. Last stop to the amazing place that we're about to go to. I'll reveal it  in a few moments, but you probably have a clue already. :)

The port is clean as usual. I know I haven't told you about how clean Puerto Princesa was but I'll get to it, probably on my next post. I have to get on with this for now. The port was also equipped with signages and trivial stuff so you won't get bored while waiting.

On the background (Look closely, the one with the red circle) is a face figure of a man. They call it "The Giant". That's the St. Paul's mountain and we were so close to the moment of truth. lol.
If you haven't see it by now, you probably should get someone to help you. Kidding. :p
(Click the photo for larger view)
These are some of the things that we saw during the boat ride.  :)

(Click the photo for larger view)
Jr was really not good at photography at first, but  he was always in charge on pictures on every trip that we go to, since I can admit that on that subject he's way way better than me and he's getting good at it now. Take a look on the photos that he got. :)

The boat took us to the island where we'll take a short trail to be able to get to where we're heading. The boat ride was okay. I'm glad I didn't got seasick. I can tell that the waves are stronger compared to the waves at Alaminos when we go to Hundred Islands National Park last May. It also took us approximately 20-25 minutes travel by water, And when we arrived. All I saw is paradise. 

This greeted us. Wonderful views. Ready for the big reveal???  


And here we are!!! At world famous Underground River. Can you believe it..??? lol.
We'll Jr and I really looked forward for this trip. This Underground river is responsible for placing the Philippines on the map. It is one of the finalist on the ongoing search for the World's New Seven Wonders of Nature and I can't believe we explored it. :)

The place is well organized because government and volunteer people takes care of it. It is well armed with signs and trivial things too.

We took a short trail to be able to reach the cave entrance. The floor is covered with wood so you really have to look where your going. It also adds love the nature effect. It's also a part of the forest so I saw a lot of trees and plants as well.

And after a short trail. This is what we saw. I literally stopped walking and talking when a got a glimpse of this place. It was really spell binding. And one glimpse and I was captivated. No doubt about that :)

For safety. We were requested to wear life vests and safety hats. Does bright colors suits me? lol :p

After gearing up, we were seated at the small boat (It's like a kayak boat or something. Please forgive my ignorance). The boat accommodated 11 people, including our boat man whom I forgot the name. He's also in charge to the rowing (I can't imagine how he will be able to row for all of us. He was so strong.) The boat is also equipped with a flash light which will only be the source of light once we get inside the cave. 

Upon entering. I was really anxious and scared.  First, it was pitch black. I'm not really scared of the dark or something since I use to sleep with my lights off but that was different. It felt like you're trying to open your eyes because you thought it's closed because you can't see anything. That's how dark inside. Am not exaggerating. lol.
Second, the water was too deep. Our boatman said that it was like 20 feet deep or something and although I got a life vest wrapped around my body paranoia found it's was to me. Yay!
And third is my never ending dread for bats. I'm not a huge fan of it. I'm a little scared with their looks and I hate their smell. It's really something I can't take.
But all this fear melt away when I saw the inside. It was like your in a different world and you really have to be careful because that world isn't yours. That's what it made me feel actually. And your imagination can really be tested inside because your free to come up with your own interpretations on the shapes of the stones.
The locals even came up with a joke about the cave, they're saying that when something drops on you and if it's cold, it's "Holy Water" but if it's warm it's "Holy Shit" lol.
The navigation took us 45minutes back and forth. It was 8.2km so it was really long but there's no single moment that I felt boredom, I was high with adrenaline of excitement.
I guess I can't think of the right words to describe all the things that I saw. StalagmitesStalactites, different mineral stones and structures that were nurtured by nature was indescribably beautiful. It was really one of a kind. But I got my favorites, a stone formation with the shape of a woman's back, they called it Sharon Stone. The Holy Family, that really looked like Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The different sizes of mushroom, the remarkable shapes of different vegetables and animals. Mother Nature is indeed very creative.

After the UR experience we needed to get back so we're be able to see the monkeys and Bayawaks or Monitor Lizards  at the opposite trail. It was really an unforgettable experience and I'm still over the moon happy because I shared it one of the most important person in my existence. ♥

Forgive my look. I was not scared at first. I even wanted to touch the Bayawak  or Monitor Lizard but the locals told me that they are not tamed and they could hurt me.  That's when I got scared.
Were not able to see the monkeys because they were at the mountains, too bad.

After the trip we headed back to Sabang port for the lunch that was also included to the tour package. We arrived at Taraw Vista Lodge and Restaurant  half past twelve in the afternoon. Just the right time because we're starving! :p

Taraw is right in front of the beach so having these Nipa Huts that served as dining areas gave that fresh from the ocean vibe and you can really smell and feel the breeze from the sea while eating. :) 

Taraw caters a buffet lunch with  a variety of choices. They served Filipino foods that day. I had grilled pork which was so tender and flavorful and the best sauteed Kangkong (Swamp Cabbage) that I ever tasted. It's half cooked with oil and soy sauce, it's still crunchy but it's not under cooked. I really fell in love with it. :)  

This caught my attention. It's like chicken with tamarind base soup or Sinampalukan in  tagalog with coconut. Yes, the idea was weird but it really tastes good. It also has coconut shavings that added sweetness to the taste. It's tangy with a little bit of sourness. I really can't explain but it really was good. :)
For those of you who wanted to try this but you can't come to Palawan. I heard it's available on  Cabalen Restaurant, a famous restaurant with a lot of branches in the Philippines.

After lunch. We figured that we should help our metabolism burn the food that we ate so we decided to walk and explore the areas since we'll be leaving Sabang at 1PM. And the beach really is relaxing. I really had a great experience.
Happy Tummy. Happy Heart. ♥

Jr and I fell asleep on the way back, maybe because our adrenaline was drenched during the UR trip. But everything was okay. We we're dropped off at our hotel and Jr and I decided that we should rest first so we'll be able to spend the rest of the day exploring Puerto Princesa. And, I will tell you the rest of our Day two, on my next post! :p

I promise it won't take long.

Love lots,