Friday, October 14, 2011

Bread Talk

First off. Don't kill me for blogging just twice last month. It was my B-day month and yet all my reluctant-ness came out. A lot of things are happening, is just that, I've been so busy. Too busy that I rather sleep that update my blog or check my mails. I was busy that I've been absent to the virtual world too. I'm always in a rush and always running for time. Oh my! How many times do I have to blabber about this? Anyway, as I told you I'm always rushing so I tried walking while eating. Yes, grabbing a bite while walking helped me without being late. And my fave? Bread Talk.

I've been munching on BreadTalk for as long that I can't remember. And finally this is the time that I'll tell you one of my faves. BreadTalk is basically a store that offers breads, cakes and pastries. I love everything that BreadTalk offers. 

Bread Talk is an international lifestyle bakery that has different branches in some parts of the world. It has this signature store designs where in you could see the patisseries baking their breads, so the guarantee of having freshly baked breads are there. :) 

On every store you will find these stalls or shelves where in the breads are displayed. 

And you have to get your own tray and thongs to pick the bread of your choice. Talk about SELF SERVICE. :)

The waitresses wears this cute little milkmaids outfit. 

Some of the breads that you could choose from. They have a wide array and they are guaranteed fresh. :) 

The cakes. They have this readily baked cakes. You could also order for the cake of your choice. Each has this elegant and sumptuous look. One of my faves would be the Chocolate mousse, Mocha Magic and Tiramisu. Yum-Oh!

More cakes! Every time your sweet tooth attacks don't hesitate to visit any bread talk branch. Okay? :)

My ultimate fave at the moment. Floss! It has four flavors. Cheese Floss, Hot Chic,  Fire Floss and the Original Floss. I can eat Floss everyday. Every breakfast. Lol. :)

The love of my existence adores this. The Milky Dome a.k.a. Rocky Rocky Milk. It's a danish pastry with milky cream   

Me with my ridiculous expression. I asked Jr to take a photo of me while we're on an escalator, I told him to hurry up because I was scared I might fall off. That's the reason I wasn't able to get a decent photo. Forgive me. :p

That's it for now. I would blog for more dine out or anything. My elements haven't come back yet. I'll let you know when it came back. More food to eat. More places to go to! I'll update you.

Till Next time!

Love lots,


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