Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fragrant Harbour

Ola! :)
I missed blogging but I can't find time. Really. I am still busy with a lot of things and I can't find my virtue.
Anyway, I know I still owe you a story about my recent trip to HongKong right? But if you could just wait a little longer and I'll find my way to get it over and done with. The only thing I did was to post a look at my LookBook account, it's been ages since my last post and of course I wanted to share the look.
Here it is. :)   

This photo was taken by my Jr at Aberdeen Harbour at HongKong.
I'm wearing a purple pedal dress that I got from Zara TRF, tan braided belt, tan patterned bag, caramel leather lace ups, chunky brown ring all from my most love brand H&M. I'm also carrying a vintage old rose cardigan from Bread and Butter. And my aviator sunnies are from Kenneth Cole.

I promise I'll work on my next post, I just hope and pray it'll be soon. But that's it for now, forgive my short post.
Did you liked my look..?? Send me some love and hype me click this link, http://lookbook.nu/look/2690341-Memoirs-of-Fragrant-Harbor.


Love lots,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart Girlfriends

Last weekend was a breath of fresh air for me. I mean literally! It was a long weekend and I went home to my nest to rest and catch up with everything that's going on outside the metro. I also had a date with my girlfriends (Namely, Sarah and Krizia) whom I haven't been with since I can't even remember when. (Oh my, I so missed them so much.) We met up late in the afternoon, (Okay, I have to admit, I came so, so late. Peace.) at N.E. Pacific Mall, the most decent mall on my province. We decided to see a movie since the last movie that I saw was, was... was... I can't remember! (Kill Me!) We watched The Three Musketeers, since Sarah saw yummy Orlando Bloom in flesh in a premiere in London. We also ate our ultimate favorite - Cheeseburger plain and fries from McDonald's (I can't even told you how much we love McDo. :p).The movie was okay, the costumes was remarkably impressive, lots of cute and yummy guys on the movie, Milla Jovovich did a great job but story wise? I don't know. It was fine though. We fought the urge to chat while watching since we paid for it and we have to get our money's worth, but we can't help having side comments on almost everything. After the movie, we did something really freaky and insane. (Forgive me for I can't tell you what it is, but if you're really nosy, send me a message and I'll tell you what it is.) :)

After the movie and the freaky and insanely thing that we did, we went to Gloria Jean's Coffee-Cabanatuan. Sarah and I loves iced coffee and frappuccinos so much, we used to have gallons of iced coffee everyday during our reviews way back 2008. :p

GJ's Coffee-Cabanatuan is a perfect spot to meet up with friends, although the place was quite small base on my opinion, they still have this cozy couches. Plus, they have an absolutely free Wi-Fi service, good for checking in and updating. :)

They also offer cakes and pastries that goes well for the coffees. Although I haven't tried everything, I loved their Oreo Cheese Cake.

Sarah had White Macadamia Frapp. I know I haven't tell you about Sarah, but I promise I will. One of these days. All  I can say is, she's my partner in crime and she's very close to me. That all for now. :p

Krizia had GJ's Classic Iced Chocolate Frapp. I told you abut her before.  We seldom see each other now,  I was glad I was able to catch up with her. :)

I had Coco Loco. The classic Mocha Frapp. I always go for the classic, that shows how unadventurous I am. I'm sometimes scared to try new things because they may not taste good and I'll regret it and it'll make me depress. Lol.
But everything's have a down fall of course. :) 

Funny I described my friends through their drinks! lol. :p
With Sarah and Krizia. We've been friends since our first year in University. We remained friends through time. We shared a lot of things together and we love each other like sisters.
Although we're missing the other half we just hope that the day will come that we'll be able to catch up and be complete. :)

The day wasn't enough. We needed more time to chat and catch up. I realized I miss them so much, I realized I miss my friends. I miss chatting and laughing. I miss complimenting my girlfriends with their outfits and how we exchange our opinions on what's in and what's not. I miss shopping. I miss how my feet aches because of too much window shopping. I just miss spending time with girlfriends. :(

The weekend went well. I went to the cemetery to visit my loved ones and bonded with my family. We had a nice reunion actually, I went back to the jungle after a few hours in the cemetery. Good thing my travel went nice and smoothly. lol :p
I am looking forward for the next  long weekend. I'm still lazy to work tomorrow. I just hope and pray that I won't have a long week end hang over. :)

That's all for now.

More to come!

Love lots,


By the way, I went for a holiday last, last week. I'll tell you about it when I'm in the mood. :)
Ciao! :p

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caught by Surprise

Last October 16, I found myself in my hometown with Jr, as much as we can or as much as possible rather, we try to go home every week. Although it's exhausting and tiring we never ran out of reason to go home. It was also my Kuya Allan's Birthday, I  remember that I already told you who he is. If you forgot, click this and refresh your brain cells. Kuya Allan and Jr are great friends. I knew Kuya Allan even before I met Jr. He was very close to me. Even though we didn't knew each other for a long time, we share a bond that is true and sincere. He was responsible for the Jr and Karen  Love Team, so now you know who's to blame. :p

The night before I went home, I received an SMS informing me that there'll be a surprise celebration for Kuya's birthday, and the master mind?? Melody, the very sweet girl who's the love of my Kuya's life.:)
Together with Jr's and Kuya's friends we planned the surprise celebration. The plan was, Melody will drag Kuya to Shakey's Restaurant for them to celebrate. Kuya didn't know that we'll show up with matching a lightened cake while singing a happy birthday. When we came out, he was at first unaware that the song was for him, when he finally saw us he turned really red and he looks like he just wanted to disappear. He was so embarrasse!. Kuya's not the type of person who likes attention. He also doesn't pay too much attention on his birthday. He feels like it's just an ordinary day for him. Good thing Melody was there to make that day extremely memorable.

My Kuya Allan Edward Garcia. He's been friends with Jr since high school .  He's one of my closest guy friend. I tell him everything and he knows and easily understand me. We're like real siblings, he treats and protects me like a real baby sister. :)
Take note of his shirt. It looks nice right? :p

At Red Ribbon Bakeshop with Criselda while waiting for Melody's go signal. :)

We had supper at Shakey's Restaurant s pizza and pasta restaurant. They had a lot of branches all over the country. 

The foods that we ate. It was on package actually, Two large pizzas, two pastas and a basket of chicken and mojos and two pitcher of soda or iced tea. I really fancy Shakey's fried chicken, it makes my mouth water every time I think about it. lol.
For the rest of the menu, click here 

Before and after dinner with the whole gang. Clockwise, Melody, The celebrant Kuya Allan, Albert, Mae, Eric, Meek, Criselda, Jr and I.
It was nice to think that Jr's friends became my friends too. :)
Trivia: you can figure out the before and after dinner photos just by paying attention on my lips. lol :p

With the celebrant Kuya Allan and his girlfriend Melody. They've been together for almost nine months now. I am truly happy to see them together.

After dinner and catching up, Jr and I went back to the jungle. We came home late and I was knackered. I planned to blog as soon as possible but my reluctant-ness did not permit me. lol.
And then my week started to become crazy. That's the reason why I blogged so late. 

I was a little busy. Too busy for me to forgot greeting my best friend on her birthday. Please forgive me for that.
I also went out of town, so try to watch out for that. I will try to blog whenever I can. Please bear with me. :)

Thanks again Meek for the photos. I'm looking forward for the next photo shoot. :)

Till next time hearties!

Love lots,


Friday, October 14, 2011

Bread Talk

First off. Don't kill me for blogging just twice last month. It was my B-day month and yet all my reluctant-ness came out. A lot of things are happening, is just that, I've been so busy. Too busy that I rather sleep that update my blog or check my mails. I was busy that I've been absent to the virtual world too. I'm always in a rush and always running for time. Oh my! How many times do I have to blabber about this? Anyway, as I told you I'm always rushing so I tried walking while eating. Yes, grabbing a bite while walking helped me without being late. And my fave? Bread Talk.

I've been munching on BreadTalk for as long that I can't remember. And finally this is the time that I'll tell you one of my faves. BreadTalk is basically a store that offers breads, cakes and pastries. I love everything that BreadTalk offers. 

Bread Talk is an international lifestyle bakery that has different branches in some parts of the world. It has this signature store designs where in you could see the patisseries baking their breads, so the guarantee of having freshly baked breads are there. :) 

On every store you will find these stalls or shelves where in the breads are displayed. 

And you have to get your own tray and thongs to pick the bread of your choice. Talk about SELF SERVICE. :)

The waitresses wears this cute little milkmaids outfit. 

Some of the breads that you could choose from. They have a wide array and they are guaranteed fresh. :) 

The cakes. They have this readily baked cakes. You could also order for the cake of your choice. Each has this elegant and sumptuous look. One of my faves would be the Chocolate mousse, Mocha Magic and Tiramisu. Yum-Oh!

More cakes! Every time your sweet tooth attacks don't hesitate to visit any bread talk branch. Okay? :)

My ultimate fave at the moment. Floss! It has four flavors. Cheese Floss, Hot Chic,  Fire Floss and the Original Floss. I can eat Floss everyday. Every breakfast. Lol. :)

The love of my existence adores this. The Milky Dome a.k.a. Rocky Rocky Milk. It's a danish pastry with milky cream   

Me with my ridiculous expression. I asked Jr to take a photo of me while we're on an escalator, I told him to hurry up because I was scared I might fall off. That's the reason I wasn't able to get a decent photo. Forgive me. :p

That's it for now. I would blog for more dine out or anything. My elements haven't come back yet. I'll let you know when it came back. More food to eat. More places to go to! I'll update you.

Till Next time!

Love lots,


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Letter for the World

Dear World,

I'm torn between being with you and being without you.
If I permit that my life will be spent away from you, I know for sure that it would be empty and melancholic, on the other hand your life will grow and you'll be able to expand the things that you already know.
It's very clear to me that your absence will be temporary and I will be able to see you whenever I wanted to.
But the distance scares me. You know what I've been through. Sometimes you blame my past for leaving a scar on my heart. For making me traumatize. But I have given you my all my trust, for you thought me how to trust a person again. Please don't get mad if I get stubborn and paranoid. Please understand my inexcusable fears. For  I. Cannot. Afford. To. Lose. You. Not now, not ever.

Missing you will be mandatory for I will have no other choice but to feel it and the thought of you feeling the same, somehow gives me fulfillment. That you will long for me. Too. The situation makes me desperate. Do we really have to be apart? The simple things of just being with you with every chance that I get makes me contented. It fills my heart with happiness. 

You know how important you are to me.. I tell it to you everyday. You know how my life literally changed right in the very minute that you walked into it. I was, deeply wounded and scarred when you came, but you made me feel that I shouldn't be treated like a trash. That I am special and I deserve the best. You melt my fears and you are the sole reason behind my smiles

I wanted to thank you for the simple things that you do. For cheering me up whenever my lips starts pouting. For doing the craziest things. Thank you for thinking of me everyday. For making me feel that I'm already a part of not just your present but your future as well. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. Thank you for the I love You's everyday. Thank you for all the best things that you've done and still does for me. Thank you for considering my welfare on every decision that you'll make. Thank you for always asking my opinion. Thank you for not taking me for granted. Again, no words are enough to tell you how grateful I am. 

I love you. And I'll tell it to you everyday. And now that you're in a situation that you needed to make a decision, not just for yourself but for the both of us and our future as well, I want you to know that yes, I would love to be with you every single day of my life for you are the love of my existence but I am willing to sacrifice. I am willing to take the risk. I'm giving you all my trust. I'll lay it on the line. Whatever you're decision will be, I will just be here. Praying for you. Thinking of you. Supporting and loving you.I admit, I'm so scared of not being with you, but I trust you and I will respect your decision, whatever it will be because I know it'll be the best for US. I love you.

Because YOU mean the world to me. 

Love lots,


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Old Spaghetti House

As I told you, I've been staying at the jungle for almost a month now. And I am beginning to chance my weekend-girlfriend status since the love of my existence and I is able to see each other almost everyday. I'm still on the blind side, still trying to be accustomed to things that I'm not really familiar with. I get tired everyday. I miss my long hours of sleep. I miss shopping for cheap things. I miss my Mum's dishes. I miss Isha ( I bet you don't don't who Isha is. But I promise to tell you about her when my elements return). I miss my Dad's nagging. I miss my room and my super comfy bed. I miss everything about home. But I'm also beginning to love everything around me now. The chance to see my boyfriend whenever I want to. The new things I'm learning and new friends I'm gaining. Plus, I had a ton of places to choose from when my tummy growls because of hunger. As being the unadventurous me, good thing dear boyfriend's there to drag me anywhere so we could try new things.
And one of our dine out is at The Old Spaghetti House.

The Old spaghetti House is a pizza and pasta restaurant. It has a lot of branches in the Philippines and we ate at the  Walter Mart branch at Chino Roces near Jr's office.
For more info about the wonderful resto. Click here.
For the rest of the menu, click here.

The theme was cute and amazing. I remembered my Great Grandma's house when I saw the chairs. She had  a dinning set very similar to it. Plus, the place has these old antique vibe also. With matching wood fading walls. I find it really nice and attractive. :)

Jr had American Baked Spareribs. With matching Java rice and nachos. It was good. Jr was able to finish everything. The spare rib has this sweet tangy taste. It was okay for me. My rate? Three stars. :)

Whilst I had US Beef Bistro Steak with Parmesan Spaghetti. I was first doubtful with the Parmesan spaghetti and I even asked if I could change my pasta, but it wasn't allowed so I decided to give it a try. The pasta was good but the steak gave me disappointment. I told the waiter that I wanted my steak well done but when it was handed over. It was over cooked! Imagine what an over cooked beef tastes like. Enough words. My rate? Two stars. :p

The Golden Oreos cheered me up.  It's a battered oreos fried till golden brown. It also has chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. It really made my heart melt. Lovely! Ratings? Five stars! Generous! lol.

The idiots. We look dumb I know. We can't help but look foolish. We were so hungry! :)
Funny we didn't order the classic spaghetti since we're in a Spaghetti House. Right? :p

Eating made me happy. It was fun trying out new things. I wish I could let you into more of our dinning experience. I will try to blog as much as I can. I'm being lazy for the past couple of weeks. And I noticed I'm blabbering too much too. Again, I will try to blog with sense next time. Till then...

Love lots,


Friday, September 9, 2011

I am So LOVED!

I turned 24 last Sunday and I was so overwhelmed by the love that I received that day. First off. I went home to celebrate my natal day with my family. We just had lunch together, nothing fancy since I was really tired and I wanted to sleep for more than eight hours and my Mum was so busy as well. I also tried to went to the salon for a pamper-me-time but my attempt failed because my stylist was not available and I just went home with my haggard and old self. After spending little time with my family I went to  back to the jungle since I needed to get ready for work the following day. And by the way I went to church as well, as much as possible, I try my best to make it to church every Sunday or at least once a week. I thanked God for all the wonderful things that He has done for me. Words will indeed never be enough.

I'm twenty four. I'm a year older. I am happier but I'm still finding my way to contentment. I still got a lot of things to pursue. A lot of things to achieve, to experience, to learn and to gain. I don't find life easy nor fair but I'm enjoying every single moment of it. I had regrets, that's for sure. But I'm trying not to hold onto them. Sometimes, I find it hard to let go on things, but as I grow older, I learn to let simple things don't bother me. But memories are buried deep, for I am the kind of person who doesn't easily forget. That's one thing I hate about myself, I guess. I can forgive, but I find it difficult to forget. At this point in time. I know exactly where my life is going, but still I don't. lol :p

I didn't do anything fancy on my 24th life-sarry. And I thought it will just be an ordinary day for me but something or someone rather made it amazing. I think I don't need  to give away any clue for you know for a fact who that person is. My Jr. Yes, the love of my existence. He picked me up from the salon because I was so sad that my make over was post-poned. And my eyes widened because I saw this red roses on the passenger seat. Yes, he gave me flowers. I can't really explain how a bouquet of flowers can make me happy but I'm sure my fellow ladies can understand how I felt and a Tiramisu Meltdown cake top it all off. I was really surprised since Jr's not the type of guy who would do something like that. (Before?? But he's beginning to be the hopeless romantic type so I'm getting used to it! He'll kill me if he reads this. Waha!) I felt like a princess! lol.
Another thing that amazed me was the number of people who flooded my Facebook wall and the numerous text messages that I received. The thought of it is making my heart burst into so much happiness. And I indeed felt that I am so, so loved! :)

I was so inspired, I posted this on my LookBook account. This was again taken by Meek, a good friend of mine.
I am wearing a peach H&M semi pleated cocktail dress with a satin detail and a see through effect. I paired it with my favorite nude leather lace ups platform wooden heels and my ever reliable Viviene Westwood leopard print fabric bag in old rose. To complete the look, I borrowed Mum's pink pearl necklace with an amazing pendant.
What can you say..? Click this link to view my LB account and to hype my looks.

The lovely roses that I got. They were very nice to look at. And I can't help but feel kilig every time I think about it. lol. :p  

The Tiramisu Meltdown is one of favorite cake. And it was awesome. Yum-O! :p

I would just like to take this chance to thank all the people who remembered my special day. Who find ways to be able to wish me happiness. Who send me love and kisses. I couldn't be any happier. If
I could just hug each and everyone you. I would. Thank of you.Thank you. Thank you.

I love you all! :)

More to come!

Love lots,

Older KarenHeartilly