Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pepper Lunch

Okay. Again forgive me for sticking to my title. I went to the jungle yesterday (Manila) to run some errands that my Mom asked me to. When I finished what I needed to do, I went to see the love of my existence. Well, I thought it was the time for me to finally do an effort to see him (because he usually do most of the effort on seeing me every weekend). He was not on his office yesterday and he was on the "site" because he need to talk to his contractors and do stuff like post-con. (I honestly don't think what or where it is, engineering stuff is really not my cup of tea) He's usually there every Tuesday. It was in Rockwell Power Plant Mall located at Makati City and I came all the way from Pasay City just to see him for an hour and have lunch with him. (Talking about true love? Lol.). You wouldn't imagine how much trouble it caused me, believe me. I have never been there before by myself and by commuting. (Trivia: I just recently learned how to commute on my own.).

I arrived there at around 10am and saw the mall was not fully opened. I had breakfast at Bread Talk and munched on my favorite California Floss. After doing my favorite past time in the mall which is by the way, window shopping for about an hour, Jr and I finally saw each other!Yahaha! lol
It was lunch time and and I can't decide where to eat since I was craving for steak or any sizzling dish and Jr suggested we dine at Pepper Lunch. As I told you before that I'm not the experimental type. Between Jr and I, he's the experimental and adventurous type. He encourages me to try new stuffs and foods as well. So after so much deliberation, I gave in. But I can tell you, I fell in love with the food.. :p

Pepper Lunch is a Japanese Do it yourself Teppanyaki restaurant, need I say more? Click this link for better description. :p

Pepper Lunch. Located at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Makati City. Thanks Google for this photo. :) 
The Menu, I found it really hard to choose because they really had wide array and  variety of choices. Thanks Google for this photo. :) 
The ambiance. It's inviting and it has this cozy feeling. It relaxing and one good thing about it is that they assign seats for their costumers upon ordering so you don't have to cram on finding seats. Talk about Organized! lol.
Thanks Google for this photo. :)     
I had Hitokuchi Cut Steak. It was heaven! I loved the tenderness of the meat and it was massive! I told Jr that a single meal can feed two people but I ate everything so I guess it depends on how hungry you are. I also loved the monggo sprouts and corn.  
While Jr had Terriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg. It was good too. Massive serving as well but Jr was able to finish it too.  I don't like pepper that much but I did liked the food. :p
The Not-so-hungry-couple. Believe me, we weren't really hungry at that time but the PG  (Patay Gutom) in us came out and we ate everything on our teppanyaki plate. Lol. :p
I was so hyped mixing and turning the meat. Yup you read it right, You have to really turn the meat quickly because they get cooked easily, and it was fine with me, I liked my steak well done. :p
I also fell in love with the orange chopsticks. I wished I could take it home. I told Jr if he could steal it for me, but he firmly said No. lol.

After eating, we spent the rest of his lunch break by helping our metabolism by means of walking. Again we chatted as if we don't text each other every minute. :)
And When the time was up, I needed to get back home since my travel from Manila to Cabanatuan will take me more or less three hours. I really had a nice time. Seeing him for an hour was worth all the effort. I was happy and elated. :)
I discovered a wonderful restaurant and I ate there with Jr for the first time. Again. First for me. For Us. ♥

Please forgive some of the photos because I forgot to bring my camera and we only used Jr's cellphone.
And some of the photos are from google so I acknowledge their owners. Thanks and Lotsa love hearties!

More to come!

Love Lots,


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