Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart Girlfriends

Last weekend was a breath of fresh air for me. I mean literally! It was a long weekend and I went home to my nest to rest and catch up with everything that's going on outside the metro. I also had a date with my girlfriends (Namely, Sarah and Krizia) whom I haven't been with since I can't even remember when. (Oh my, I so missed them so much.) We met up late in the afternoon, (Okay, I have to admit, I came so, so late. Peace.) at N.E. Pacific Mall, the most decent mall on my province. We decided to see a movie since the last movie that I saw was, was... was... I can't remember! (Kill Me!) We watched The Three Musketeers, since Sarah saw yummy Orlando Bloom in flesh in a premiere in London. We also ate our ultimate favorite - Cheeseburger plain and fries from McDonald's (I can't even told you how much we love McDo. :p).The movie was okay, the costumes was remarkably impressive, lots of cute and yummy guys on the movie, Milla Jovovich did a great job but story wise? I don't know. It was fine though. We fought the urge to chat while watching since we paid for it and we have to get our money's worth, but we can't help having side comments on almost everything. After the movie, we did something really freaky and insane. (Forgive me for I can't tell you what it is, but if you're really nosy, send me a message and I'll tell you what it is.) :)

After the movie and the freaky and insanely thing that we did, we went to Gloria Jean's Coffee-Cabanatuan. Sarah and I loves iced coffee and frappuccinos so much, we used to have gallons of iced coffee everyday during our reviews way back 2008. :p

GJ's Coffee-Cabanatuan is a perfect spot to meet up with friends, although the place was quite small base on my opinion, they still have this cozy couches. Plus, they have an absolutely free Wi-Fi service, good for checking in and updating. :)

They also offer cakes and pastries that goes well for the coffees. Although I haven't tried everything, I loved their Oreo Cheese Cake.

Sarah had White Macadamia Frapp. I know I haven't tell you about Sarah, but I promise I will. One of these days. All  I can say is, she's my partner in crime and she's very close to me. That all for now. :p

Krizia had GJ's Classic Iced Chocolate Frapp. I told you abut her before.  We seldom see each other now,  I was glad I was able to catch up with her. :)

I had Coco Loco. The classic Mocha Frapp. I always go for the classic, that shows how unadventurous I am. I'm sometimes scared to try new things because they may not taste good and I'll regret it and it'll make me depress. Lol.
But everything's have a down fall of course. :) 

Funny I described my friends through their drinks! lol. :p
With Sarah and Krizia. We've been friends since our first year in University. We remained friends through time. We shared a lot of things together and we love each other like sisters.
Although we're missing the other half we just hope that the day will come that we'll be able to catch up and be complete. :)

The day wasn't enough. We needed more time to chat and catch up. I realized I miss them so much, I realized I miss my friends. I miss chatting and laughing. I miss complimenting my girlfriends with their outfits and how we exchange our opinions on what's in and what's not. I miss shopping. I miss how my feet aches because of too much window shopping. I just miss spending time with girlfriends. :(

The weekend went well. I went to the cemetery to visit my loved ones and bonded with my family. We had a nice reunion actually, I went back to the jungle after a few hours in the cemetery. Good thing my travel went nice and smoothly. lol :p
I am looking forward for the next  long weekend. I'm still lazy to work tomorrow. I just hope and pray that I won't have a long week end hang over. :)

That's all for now.

More to come!

Love lots,


By the way, I went for a holiday last, last week. I'll tell you about it when I'm in the mood. :)
Ciao! :p

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