Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caught by Surprise

Last October 16, I found myself in my hometown with Jr, as much as we can or as much as possible rather, we try to go home every week. Although it's exhausting and tiring we never ran out of reason to go home. It was also my Kuya Allan's Birthday, I  remember that I already told you who he is. If you forgot, click this and refresh your brain cells. Kuya Allan and Jr are great friends. I knew Kuya Allan even before I met Jr. He was very close to me. Even though we didn't knew each other for a long time, we share a bond that is true and sincere. He was responsible for the Jr and Karen  Love Team, so now you know who's to blame. :p

The night before I went home, I received an SMS informing me that there'll be a surprise celebration for Kuya's birthday, and the master mind?? Melody, the very sweet girl who's the love of my Kuya's life.:)
Together with Jr's and Kuya's friends we planned the surprise celebration. The plan was, Melody will drag Kuya to Shakey's Restaurant for them to celebrate. Kuya didn't know that we'll show up with matching a lightened cake while singing a happy birthday. When we came out, he was at first unaware that the song was for him, when he finally saw us he turned really red and he looks like he just wanted to disappear. He was so embarrasse!. Kuya's not the type of person who likes attention. He also doesn't pay too much attention on his birthday. He feels like it's just an ordinary day for him. Good thing Melody was there to make that day extremely memorable.

My Kuya Allan Edward Garcia. He's been friends with Jr since high school .  He's one of my closest guy friend. I tell him everything and he knows and easily understand me. We're like real siblings, he treats and protects me like a real baby sister. :)
Take note of his shirt. It looks nice right? :p

At Red Ribbon Bakeshop with Criselda while waiting for Melody's go signal. :)

We had supper at Shakey's Restaurant s pizza and pasta restaurant. They had a lot of branches all over the country. 

The foods that we ate. It was on package actually, Two large pizzas, two pastas and a basket of chicken and mojos and two pitcher of soda or iced tea. I really fancy Shakey's fried chicken, it makes my mouth water every time I think about it. lol.
For the rest of the menu, click here 

Before and after dinner with the whole gang. Clockwise, Melody, The celebrant Kuya Allan, Albert, Mae, Eric, Meek, Criselda, Jr and I.
It was nice to think that Jr's friends became my friends too. :)
Trivia: you can figure out the before and after dinner photos just by paying attention on my lips. lol :p

With the celebrant Kuya Allan and his girlfriend Melody. They've been together for almost nine months now. I am truly happy to see them together.

After dinner and catching up, Jr and I went back to the jungle. We came home late and I was knackered. I planned to blog as soon as possible but my reluctant-ness did not permit me. lol.
And then my week started to become crazy. That's the reason why I blogged so late. 

I was a little busy. Too busy for me to forgot greeting my best friend on her birthday. Please forgive me for that.
I also went out of town, so try to watch out for that. I will try to blog whenever I can. Please bear with me. :)

Thanks again Meek for the photos. I'm looking forward for the next photo shoot. :)

Till next time hearties!

Love lots,


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