Friday, September 9, 2011

I am So LOVED!

I turned 24 last Sunday and I was so overwhelmed by the love that I received that day. First off. I went home to celebrate my natal day with my family. We just had lunch together, nothing fancy since I was really tired and I wanted to sleep for more than eight hours and my Mum was so busy as well. I also tried to went to the salon for a pamper-me-time but my attempt failed because my stylist was not available and I just went home with my haggard and old self. After spending little time with my family I went to  back to the jungle since I needed to get ready for work the following day. And by the way I went to church as well, as much as possible, I try my best to make it to church every Sunday or at least once a week. I thanked God for all the wonderful things that He has done for me. Words will indeed never be enough.

I'm twenty four. I'm a year older. I am happier but I'm still finding my way to contentment. I still got a lot of things to pursue. A lot of things to achieve, to experience, to learn and to gain. I don't find life easy nor fair but I'm enjoying every single moment of it. I had regrets, that's for sure. But I'm trying not to hold onto them. Sometimes, I find it hard to let go on things, but as I grow older, I learn to let simple things don't bother me. But memories are buried deep, for I am the kind of person who doesn't easily forget. That's one thing I hate about myself, I guess. I can forgive, but I find it difficult to forget. At this point in time. I know exactly where my life is going, but still I don't. lol :p

I didn't do anything fancy on my 24th life-sarry. And I thought it will just be an ordinary day for me but something or someone rather made it amazing. I think I don't need  to give away any clue for you know for a fact who that person is. My Jr. Yes, the love of my existence. He picked me up from the salon because I was so sad that my make over was post-poned. And my eyes widened because I saw this red roses on the passenger seat. Yes, he gave me flowers. I can't really explain how a bouquet of flowers can make me happy but I'm sure my fellow ladies can understand how I felt and a Tiramisu Meltdown cake top it all off. I was really surprised since Jr's not the type of guy who would do something like that. (Before?? But he's beginning to be the hopeless romantic type so I'm getting used to it! He'll kill me if he reads this. Waha!) I felt like a princess! lol.
Another thing that amazed me was the number of people who flooded my Facebook wall and the numerous text messages that I received. The thought of it is making my heart burst into so much happiness. And I indeed felt that I am so, so loved! :)

I was so inspired, I posted this on my LookBook account. This was again taken by Meek, a good friend of mine.
I am wearing a peach H&M semi pleated cocktail dress with a satin detail and a see through effect. I paired it with my favorite nude leather lace ups platform wooden heels and my ever reliable Viviene Westwood leopard print fabric bag in old rose. To complete the look, I borrowed Mum's pink pearl necklace with an amazing pendant.
What can you say..? Click this link to view my LB account and to hype my looks.

The lovely roses that I got. They were very nice to look at. And I can't help but feel kilig every time I think about it. lol. :p  

The Tiramisu Meltdown is one of favorite cake. And it was awesome. Yum-O! :p

I would just like to take this chance to thank all the people who remembered my special day. Who find ways to be able to wish me happiness. Who send me love and kisses. I couldn't be any happier. If
I could just hug each and everyone you. I would. Thank of you.Thank you. Thank you.

I love you all! :)

More to come!

Love lots,

Older KarenHeartilly

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