Sunday, May 1, 2011

The ♥ of My Existence

I am happy now. (I think that's a bit of an understatement). I am over the moon happy actually, I am in a relationship for almost two years now. We had a really typical but weird kind of relationship actually. I can't tell you the whole stuff but I will really try. And I would like you to formally meet him.

He is Jose Romeo Feliciano. He is a year older than me. He is a licensed Civil Engineer. He is a Cancer. He's caring and loving and sensitive about what I feel and he likes Anime so much, the only thing that he reads are his Manga (Japanese Anime, aside from that you wouldn't see him holding any reading material). He makes me feel special, all the time. He loves me and he always let me know it. He says I Love You a hundred times a day. He's exactly my opposite. He's funny and spontaneous and likes to try out new things. Sometimes He can be reluctant like me. (Oh Gosh I'm running out of adjectives here). lol.

We knew each other through a common friend (which turned out to be the ultimate match maker). It  started into a typical exchange of text messages and phone calls (I was READ: obliged to entertain his messages and to be polite to him because a very close friend of mine named Allan Edward Garcia threatened to get mad at me if I won't be nice to him. And he even asked me nicely that I should give him a chance to know him and vice versa, and it turns out that Jr and Kuya Allan were close friends) and after a month of constant communication finally, we met when he came to pay me a visit during my duty (I'm a Nurse in case you don't know) and seeing him for the first time with a dozen of Krispy Kreme on hand showed that he was nervous and he really doesn't know what to say at first. He showed his spontaneity and sincerity and in spite of myself I trusted him. He didn't attempted to impress me like other guys usually do. He showed his flaws and I accepted it. The thing is, at first I didn't took him seriously because he was always all smiles and he joked around frequently I didn't thought he was serious about me. I even told him that I have a certain qualifications for the "Newly Opened Boyfriend Position" and he needed first to apply. I was also not ready since I just came from a badly-ended-three-year relationship and having a new boyfriend was really out of my list. I too joked around and although he's vocal about what I felt for me I didn't believed all of it was true. Until one day, when he went to see me, he gave me an application letter with matching Resume and all his credentials. He was so serious that he wanted to do things my way. I want a resume and letter of intent? He gave it to me. He was willing to do everything for me.

Here's the copy of his Application Letter . You decide. Did I did the right thing on hiring him? :p

After months of constant communication finally I set the date! I told him that I will tell him if his hired or not on the 29th of June year 2009 and it'll be a matter of life and death. It's yes or no. It's Us or Not. He was so nervous. He even filled a leave of absence from work because it fell on a Monday. Few days before the judgment day I acted cold and I made him feel that he was busted. I saw the anxiety on his eyes. And I can't help but laugh every time I remember it. (I'm such a meanie) :p
When the judgment day came being cold as I was, I didn't said anything to him, I just handed him my letter. When he finally felt that I'm not into him, he didn't even wanna read my letter anymore. He just asked me if we could still stay friends. You can't imagine how much I stopped myself from laughing, I almost bit my lip. :)
When he finally summoned up the courage to read the said letter I saw his face lit up, like a child's on Christmas Day. When I saw him that way, it made me feel that I made the right decision on making him a part of my life. He made me feel that loving him was the best decision I ever had.

Here's the copy of my letter. You're probably wondering why I chose 29? because his birthday falls on the 25th and mine falls on the 4th so, you do the math. :p

And the rest was history. I had no idea he would be the man I would love the most. Our relationship isn't a walk in the park. We had our differences, short comings and lack of patience sometimes. We argue a lot over the silliest stuff. We always have cat fights but in spite of everything we manage to keep on holding into each other. And every fight makes us stronger. I could not imagine loving anyone else anymore. I could not imagine my life without him anymore, that's how much I love him. ♥

One of the first photos that we had. Honestly speaking when this photo was taken he wasn't even my boyfriend yet. But I hugged him already! ha,ha That proves how much I trusted him. :p

Our very first sunset together. One check on my list that I wish we could do together. ♥

We always fool around and tease each other. And I always end up being pissed off. One of  Jr's talent is pissing me off.

After a year together. We''re still the same. :p

Given on October 24, 2009. Same date when he asked me if I could promise him that I will wait for him. He even asked me if I could allow myself to be engaged to him when the right time comes. He was so, so nervous that time. :p

One of our photos that I super love. Truly one of my favorite. :)
During the sunset at Sentosa, Singapore. One of the memorable trips we had together.

We celebrated Valentines Day and Chinese New Year at Singapore last 2010. 

Our trip @ Ilocos last September 2010. This trip was very special to me because we're with my Footprints. :p

At the beach on our way home. Love.
At the Famous Wind Mills. :)
@ Pagudgud, Ilocos Sur, One of the most breath taking beach that I saw. Love the sunset too. :p
@Manila Ocean Park last November 2010.

Our Trip to Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I discovered that Jr's so in love with roller coaster! :p
YeeHee. Honestly, we got load of photos like this. I just don't wanna post everything here. :p

At the 16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at ClarkField, Pampanga. Where he taught me how to play a kite. :) 
@The Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet Febuary 2011
At Bell Church, La Trinidad, Benguet. February 2011. I like this shot because you seldom see Jr on a serious pose. Seldom! :p

Those were some of the places that we've been. On our spare time we try to travel together. We try to go places that we've never been before. We try new things and we had a lot of  fun being together. We value our time together. I wish I could tell you everything that we've been through. But I hope by reading this, you already know the person I value the most, the very person that I will love more than anyone has ever loved any other. Jr taught me a lot of things, he's not afraid to try new things, I am the stubborn type, I'm usually scared to step out of my comfort zone and every changes really affects me, but he's there patiently holding my hand. Making me try new stuff, making me experience life, making me live my life to the fullest. and as each day goes by, I'm still learning a lot from him. I thank God everyday for giving him to me, because He is my answered prayer. I cannot imagine where would I be now if I haven't met him. I feel safe and secure when he's around and words are never enough to tell him how much I value him. and since I shared with him my firsts, I will share my lasts with him. ♥

I hope you had fun reading this. I hope you got to know him through my eye. And now you know how much I'm in love. Thank you. More to come! :)
So much in love..

Love Lots,



  1. thanks bebang.. e2 pasabog.. hahaha! mbabasa na ng iba.. wag kang mgagalit.. lol! i love you more..

  2. wow.speechless girl.soooo much happy for you....ninang ako sa baby nyo since hindi na ako pwede maging abay sa kasal nyo..haha